Company Overview


We continuously and systematically promote agile decision-making, and now we are focused on the four following areas of innovation:
①Technical innovation: transformation of Japan HQ as the mother factory and transition to high profit business
②Manufacturing innovation: high efficiency production at overseas production plants
③Distribution innovation: development of new distribution channels mainly on Asia’s emerging countries
④Management innovation: Transfer and consolidation of HQ functions to optimal location

SMEs like our own are now under pressure to make management decisions on global scale. Those unable to do so are fated for elimination from the competition. And if I were to name one thing we need to survive all this, that’s change.

In real society, every time you attempt to effect change, you are always bound to face countervailing power. Such resistance seems more acute in the regions. As I myself grappled with issues of management innovation, I had to sit down and talk to every single person and explain my intent.
What I had to emphasize in particular was "what not to change." If what my predecessor built and cultivated is the foundation and strength of our company, then we have to preserve and refine this tradition. For this reason we have decided to preserve engineers’ strong pride in their techniques as a technical ideal.

Technical capabilities are the pillar of our going concern and the pride which supports each one of us in this company of professionals.

We define technology and technical capabilities uniquely, so as to impress their meaning upon our engineers’ pride.

1.Knowledge based on principles and rules
2.Methods to realize things
3.Procedures defined by standards
4.Skills built on experience and hunches
5.Imagination to turn the impossible into the possible
6.Ability to test, measure and evaluate output

Technology refers to knowledge, methods, procedures, skills, imagination, testing, measurement and evaluation required in manufacturing.
Technical capabilities refer to abilities to utilize and convert all this technology into customer satisfaction using execution, initiative, teamwork, consideration, and leadership.

All our engineers are daily refining their technical capabilities on site, with a strong, great pride.

I, too, am also engaged daily in globalization efforts to develop our company. The reality is that there remain forces in and out of the company opposing forces of change. But unless we advance globalization, our business and employees and their family won’t have a future, and I am not going to turn away from this reality. To promote globalization is the responsibility of a third president of Tanoi Co., Ltd. and this is my personal mission. We are committed to establishing world-class manufacturing and to supporting manufacturing as Japan’s core industry.

Company Overview

■Company name
Tanoi Co., Ltd.
811-5 Moro, Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 322-0026
Tel: +81-289-76-1468 Fax: +81-289-76-1469
■Group company
Seebest Co., Ltd. (Vietnam subsidiary) (For more details
■Trading partners
Nakanishi Inc.
Akita Fine Blanking Co., Ltd.
Kito Seiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Koga Corporation
Sowa Corporation
Machida Endoscope Co., Ltd.
Citizen Micro Co., Ltd.
Teibow Co., Ltd.
Hoya Candeo Optronics Corp.
UACJ Foundry & Forging (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
June 1953
JPY 90,000,000
Junichi Tanoi, Representative Director & President
Ashikaga Bank, Kanuma Branch
Development Bank of Japan, Utsunomiya Branch
Mizuho Bank, Utsunomiya Branch


■Automated NC lathe
  • NU4Y TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NU7Y TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NM4S TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • T-NCMU45/160 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NU4B-2 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NP20 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NU4B TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • BU20 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NT20 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NU7B TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NM4A TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • NP17 TSUGAMI 2units
  • LB15II-M TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • M50SY-II TSUGAMI 2units
  • M50SY-III TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • M42SD TSUGAMI 2units
  • MB38SY TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • MB38SY-III TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • M06SY TSUGAMI 2units
■Small NC lathe
  • NUC BOY8 EGURO 3units
  • KNC-20F Kitamura 1 unit
  • L20 Takahashi machinery 1 unit
  • VMC3 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • FZ-16 hamai 1 unit
  • TC-32A Brother 1 unit
  • JRV-40E TOSHIBA 1 unit
  • PS1-W-16 MAKINO 1 unit
  • DT-center ENSHU 1 unit
  • T14iAL FANUC 2units
  • T21iFL FANUC 1 unit
  • A-D21LiA5 FANUC 4units
  • A-T10C FANUC 1 unit
■General-purpose machine
  • BENCH LATHE HL-6 akebono 4units
  • BENCH LATHE HL-5 akebono 2units
  • Drilling machineKRT-340 北川 1 unit
  • Drilling machineKRT-340 KIRA 1 unit
  • Drilling machineTD-3600 日立 1 unit
  • Drilling machineKND-8 KIRA 3units
  • Drilling machineKND-8 KIRA 2units
  • Drilling machineKND-8 KIRA 2units
  • Drilling machineKND-8 KIRA 6units
  • Drilling machineMARK7 TKS 1 unit
  • Hi TAP BTO-263 Brother 3units
  • Hi TAP BT-321 Brother 1 unit
  • Index shaper NS-605 NAKAHIRO 1 unit
  • Index shaper NAKAHIRO 1 unit
  • Milling machineHPF HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS 1 unit
  • Milling machineHPF-B HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS 2units
  • Precision high speed lathe GL-120 EGURO 1 unit
  • Turret lathe TL8-3 EGURO 1 unit
  • Blaster SFK-2 Fuji Manufacturing 1 unit
  • Blaster CS-3 Fuji Manufacturing 1 unit
  • PURPOSE LATHE LS okuma 1 unit
  • Double side lapping machine USP-6B FUJIKOSHI 1 unit
  • Carbide tool grinding machines TSUGAMI 1 unit
■Cleaning machine
  • Buffer DB-400N shimomuradenyu 2units
  • BARREL MACHINE EC-2 sinto 1 unit
  • Magnetic Barrel PRITIC W priority 1 unit
  • Multi Purpose Grinding Machine MG180 TNC 1 unit
  • Centerless BG-14 Nippon Seiki 1 unit
  • Cylindrical Grinder GU-27・47F shigiya 1 unit
  • Double side lapping machine 7BT hamai 1 unit
  • Centerless SKS-250 SHINKO 1 unit
■Washing apparatus
  • 3 layer type vapor wet scrubber ST-1 3-4 sato-kikai 1 unit
  • 2 layer type vapor wet scrubber ES055 ASK 1 unit
  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaner/dryer PCS-3420 TOSEI 1 unit
■Inspection facilities
  • Measuring microscope MM-4001M NIKON 1 unit
  • Measuring microscope MM11 NIKON 1 unit
  • Surface roughness tester SURFCOM480A-12 TOKYO SEIMITSU 1 unit
  • Surface roughness tester Surfcorder SE2300 Kosaka Laboratory 1 unit
  • Cylindricity Measuring machine MITUTOYO 1 unit
  • Air Micrometer 603527 NIDEC TOSOK 1 unit
  • CNC 3D coordinate measuring machines SVA600A-C2 TOKYO SEIMITSU 1 unit
  • Measuring machine VAM-2520 NIKON 1 unit
  • Contour Measuring Systems CONTRACER CV-2100M4 MITUTOYO 1 unit


■Automated NC lathe
  • M42SD 2013 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • M42SD 2010 TSUGAMI 6units
  • M42SD 2009 TSUGAMI 2units
  • M42SD 2007 TSUGAMI 2units
  • M50J 2006 TSUGAMI 3units
  • NU4Y TSUGAMI 2units
  • NU4B TSUGAMI 2units
  • C24 HASEGAWA 2units
  • MB38SY-III TSUGAMI 1 unit
■NC Lathe
  • J24 HASEGAWA 9units
  • NUCBOY8 EGURO 5units
  • L20 TAKAHASHI 1 unit
  • H30 HASEGAWA 2units
  • C24 HASEGAWA 2units
■Machining center)
  • V3 HASEGAWA 2units
  • LPS1-W-16 MAKINO SEIKI 1 unit
  • VAC3 TSUGAMI 1 unit
  • D21LiA+DDR FANUC 1 unit
  • D21LiA5 FANUC 1 unit
■Polishing machine
  • CenterlessGrinder NIHINSEIKI 1 unit
  • Surface Grinder OKAMOTO 1 unit
  • Cylindrical exterior grinder SAKAINO 1 unit
  • Barrel Polishing Machine SINTO 1 unit
  • Barrel Polishing Machine Tipton 1 unit
  • Lapping Machine HAMAI 1 unit
  • Tool Grinder 4units
  • Magnetic Barrel PRIORITY 1 unit
■Special equipment
  • Sand Blasting Machine 2011 FUJI 1 unit
  • Sand Blasting Machine 1986 Chamilles 1 unit
  • Sand Blasting Machine 1976 FUJI 1 unit
  • Index Shaper Machine 1993 NAKAHIRO 1 unit
  • Index Shaper Machine 1989 NAKAHIRO 1 unit
  • Forging Machine YOSHIDA KINEN 1 unit
  • Air Press Machine FUJI CONTROLS 1 unit
  • Bending Machine NAKANISHI 1 unit
■Measuring instrument
  • Roundness tester 2012 MITUTOYO 1 unit
  • Roundness tester 2000 KOSAKA 1 unit
  • Surface roughness tester TOKYO SEIMITU 2units
  • Measuring microscope 2007 NIKON 2units
  • Measuring microscope 2013 NIKON 1 unit
  • Contour shape measuring instrument MITUTOYO 1 unit
  • Manual type carrier cleanner ASK 1 unit
■NC Lathe
  • X-100 TAKAMATSU 2011 2units
  • X-100 TAKAMATSU 2010 2units
  • J24 HASEGAWA 8units
  • Blance tester KOKUSAI 1 unit
  • Blance unit 2010 KOKUSAI 1 unit
  • Blance unit 2009 KOKUSAI 1 unit
■Measuring instrument
  • Optical Shape measuring machine TESA 1 unit
  • Surface roughness tester TOKYO SEIMITU 1 unit
  • Air Micrometer TOKYO SEIMITU 1 unit
  • Measuring microscope NIKON 1 unit
  • Eddy Current Tester(ECT) NIWES 1 unit
  • Roundness & Cylindrical Profile measuring machine MITUTOYO 1 unit
  • Jet washer NISSHIN SEIKI 1 unit
  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaner SHINNWASANGYOU 1 unit

Corporate History

Shinkichi Tanoi (the grandfather of the current president) established Tanoi Tekkosho in Uwanomachi,Kanuma City,Tochigi. The main business was machining.
Changed the company name to Tanoi Seiko,Ltd. and reformed the organization. Koichi Tanoi became the president.
Introduced the first automated NC lathe to promote automation by NC.
Moved the headquarters to Moro,Kanuma City,Tochigi to expand the business.
Gained ISO 9002: 1994 certification as Tanoi Seiko,Ltd.
Changed the company name to TANOI Co.,Ltd. and reformed the organization. Established Business Division I for the medical device manufacturing business and Business Division II for the automotive parts manufacturing business.
Gained ISO 9000 as TANOI Co.,Ltd.
Received the first three trainees from Vietnam.
Established TANOI SEEBEST as a subsidiary in Vietnam. Junichi Tanoi became the president.
Tanoi Junichi became the president of TANOI Co.,Ltd.
Gained ISO 9001: 2000 as Business Division II,TANOI Co.,Ltd.
Certified for the Tochigi Prefecture Management Innovation Plan.
TANOI SEEBEST started factory operation.
Gained ISO 9001: 2000 as TANOI SEEBEST.
Obtained additional 15,000 m2 in Vietnam.
Established a factory with a floor area of 3,000 m2 in the obtained site.
Established SEEBEST in Vietnam and merged with TANOI SEEBEST.
Established the Turbocharger Impeller Machining Division within SEEBEST in Vietnam.
Established the Technical Development Department at the headquarters in Japan with an investment of 200 million yen to promote the roles of the mother factory.
Completed Factory No. 2 (3,000 m2) in Vietnam for production increase.
Exhibited at Medical Device Development Expo (MEDIX). Kicked off campaign to develop new distribution channels.
Established the Corporate Planning Department,and new Medical Department,International Sales Department and R&D Department in Japan.
Introduced a 5-spindle machine to obtain turn-mill precision machining technology.
Established a sales office in Singapore.
Established a joint venture,PTW Co. Ltd.,with PMT Corporation based in Fukuoka. Started development and production of equipment.
Certified for “Prototype Development Aid for Small to Medium Manufacturing Enterprise / Small Manufacturing Business Operator” for fiscal 2012.
Certified again for the Tochigi Prefecture Management Innovation Plan.
The SEEBEST factory in Vietnam was certified by IHI Turbo Co.,Ltd.
Gained TS16949 certification as SEEBEST.
Gained “Tochigi Prefecture Frontier Company” certification.
Exhibited the first commercial product,“ECOBLOWER-I,” for the first time at the Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo.
Certified for “Small to Medium Enterprise / Small Business Operator Innovation in Manufacturing,Trading and Service” under national supplementary budgets for fiscal 2013.
SEEBEST received a direct loan from a local bank in Vietnam based on the stand-by credit.
Launched the new website in Japanese and English.