Our Products

Composite Precision Parts for High-Speed Rotating Equipment

  • ■Products made with titanium

  • ■Surface processed/Design products

  • ■High hardness products

  • ■Machined products

  • ■Products requiring a high level of machining expertise

  • ■High specification products

  • ■Products procured outside of Japan

Super-precision machined products for turbos in automobiles

  • ■Impeller
    (Made of die cast aluminum)

  • ■Vane Nozzles
    (MIM/Lost Wax/Fine Blanking)

TANOI’s own brand products

    (Air Blow Washer)

  • ■Limit gauges

  • ■Subsidiary materials

  • ■Tools for machining and measuring

From when an order is received through to production and shipment

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