Our Products

Trading Flow

We receive questions and requests from customers: “We would like to procure parts made according to the drawing at the optimum price by this date.” “Can you make this?” “We would like to procure units overseas.” Then, we propose the optimal solutions to provide customer satisfaction. To add higher value, we are committed to working flexibly with customers in a broad field related to “manufacturing” in the business processes (story creation, manufacturing, and market creation).


  • ■Responsible Department:Sales Administration
    Please contact us for specific manufacturing requests or ask us questions about quality, delivery date, cost or technologies via phone, e-mail or fax.
    Our head factory (Japan) has a group of experienced engineers and is good at making prototypes and parts with a limited quantity. The mother factory (Japan) has many state-of-the-art turn-mill centers and is good at making technical innovations. The medical factory (Vietnam) can achieve both low cost and high quality for repeated productions. And the turbocharger factory (Vietnam) has state-of-the-art technologies and is good at running mass-production. The optimum factory will flexibly meet customers’ needs.

2.Discussion about specification details・Quote・Order

  • ■Responsible Department:Sales
    We will hold a meeting based on a request. At that time, please provide us with product specifications (drawing), expected lot size (monthly or annual volume) and desired delivery date (arrival date at the designated location).
    Based on the discussion results, we will send you a quote for free. Please feel free to contact us as many times as you would like to.
    If you agree to the quote, please affix a seal to the approval column and e-mail/fax it to us or send us your purchase order via mail or fax. Please note that we will not accept verbal orders.

3.Preliminary study meeting : All of the related departments attend the meeting to discuss the order based on the quoted conditions. About a half day

  • ■Responsible Department:Person in charge of manufacturing, quality assurance, sales and production control
    A machining drawing, a process design, a QC plan, a production plan and a shipping inspection result sheet will be investigated and created in this meeting. Experts from these departments get together to create the optimum process design and quality plan. This is also an opportunity to consider possible issues based on experience and intuition and to come up with countermeasures against them.
    All of these will become very effective tools to enhance product quality. We may contact you again during this process for our better understanding.

4.Purchasing : Once the product specifications and the manufacturing methods are clarified, each person in charge orders necessary materials. About 2 days

  • ■Responsible Department:Tool Purchasing
    Tool management is consolidated and our employees are cost conscious. They work toward cost reduction under the budget of each category. We manage ordering triggers for the tools that we use regularly. We monitor the usage at the production site to make sure that those tools are always available for production.

  • ■Responsible Department:Material Procurement
    We can procure low cost materials from overseas based on a customer’s request. We handle many types of materials; therefore, we implement thorough material control so that you can confirm the material lot traceability on the mill sheet provided upon delivery.

  • ■Responsible Department:Gauge Procurement
    We have all the basic gauges; however, we may ask you to let us borrow special gauges or sizes. We have a consolidated control system for gauges and we inspect the gauges before taking them to the production site. Even after use, the gauges are inspected to make sure that there are no problems, then they are returned to the gauge storage shelves. We are responsible for preventing problems caused by worn gauges.

5.Notification of the official delivery date

  • ■Responsible Department:Production Control
    After receiving an order, we confirm the production status to make sure that we can deliver the products by the date stated in the contract, and get back to you with the official delivery date. Needless to say, we make arrangements to deliver the order by the due date stated in the contract and our policy is to get back to you on the same day as the order.
    We will contact you immediately in case a problem occurs at the production site and we judge that it is difficult to meet the due date. We will do whatever we can do to handle the situation faithfully.


  • ■Responsible Department:Automated NC lathe, head factory
    We own fifteen automated NC lathes mainly manufactured by Tsugami and twelve of them are fixed main spindle lathes. Their machining capability is from ᵠ4 to ᵠ72. We also have three movable main spindle lathes and their machining capability is ᵠ3 to ᵠ21. There are three associates for changeover another three associates as operators and there are a total of six associates assigned to the process. They are stubborn craftsmen with passion for manufacturing. They show their strength especially in process design for prototypes and products with limited volume because experience and intuitions are required for difficult products. We are looking forward to receiving orders of difficult products.

  • ■Responsible Department:Automated NC lathe, mother factory
    There are ten automated complex NC lathes manufactured by Tsugami. All these units are the latest ones and sophisticated with high-performance. This factory verifies the best production method for the Vietnam factories through semi-mass-production and standardize and equalize the method. Four associates are assigned here and everyone is still in their 20s. They carry out manufacturing with new ideas. As a site of technical development, they also try out innovative machining methods. They are trying to equalize and automate operations by attaching various sensors to the machines.

  • ■Responsible Department:MC
    There are a total of 18 machining units; seven 3-spindle 2-pallet machining units, three 3-spindle 1-pallet machining units, three 4-spindle machining units and three 5-spindle 2-head machining units.
    Most of them are 30-taper machines and those are suitable for fine and complicated machining. In recent years, machining of square materials and formed materials is increasing, therefore we are making efforts to design jigs to maintain both quality and manufacturability. We are introducing torque sensors for work fixing, cutter breakage sensors and touch probes for automatic measurement in the equipment because the accuracy of sensors has improved recently.

  • ■Responsible Department:Small NC lathe
    This department mainly handles final finishing of unique shapes with especially high requirements such as dimensional tolerance, geometric tolerance, appearance standard and/or quality standard. For example, we machine parts within ᵠ5 μ of inner/outer diameter tolerance, 5 μ or less concentricity, 0.5 μ or less circularity and 0.8a or less surface roughness daily. We also handle outer diameter finishing with 0.3 mm or less material thickness and control deep holes with ᵠ5 or smaller diameter in microns. The higher the requirement is, the better the opportunity is for us to try our limit. We will continue to improve our technical skills to meet your requirements.

  • ■Responsible Department:General-purpose machine
    General-purpose machines are used to finish products in various ways. We cover a wide variety that includes polishing/grinding; lapping, centrifugal barrel polishing, magnetic barrel polishing, buffing, cylinder polishing, centerless polishing, flat surface polishing; machining; drilling, tapping, bench lathing, milling, lathing, index shaving; and processing; swaging, bending, air pressing, assembling, gluing and shot blasting. We are the experts of general-purpose machines and we value manufacturing.

  • ■Responsible Department:Washing
    We have an automated 1-bath vacuum washing machine. Although there is only one bath, the time for rough washing, final washing, drying, bubbling and ultrasound can be freely adjusted. The most unique feature is that this can be vacuumed to apply washing fluid uniformly everywhere on the product. Sufficient wash fluid can reach into small blind holes to eliminate chips at the bottom of the holes. Wash fluid used to pool in some shapes and it could result in insufficient washing. However, each washing process is vacuumed in this machine and it sucks out all the washing fluid. We no longer have a concern of having residual fluid and completely eliminated complaints.

7.In-process inspection Patrolling

  • ■Responsible Department:Appearance Assurance
    We perform visual limit control for damages, dents and scratches. We also patrol around the production site four times per day to make sure that damages, dents or scratches won’t occur easily. The production site is supposed to manufacture products to meet the appearance standards.
    Therefore, we perform sample inspection for the items required on the final products. We are making a great effort so that the production site will become able to 100% guarantee the appearance.

  • ■Responsible Department:Burr Assurance
    We perform limit control of burrs on the products. We also patrol around the production site four times per day to prevent the occurrence of burrs. All the burrs are supposed to be eliminated in machining. We perform sample inspection for the items required on the final products. We are keeping an eye on the production site so that burrs can be 100% guaranteed.

  • ■Responsible Department: Dimensional Assurance
    We perform precise sample inspection for each process of every lot and for prototype parts. Prescribed inspection is performed at each process for each lot to guarantee quality. However, we add the third party verification in the middle to find measurement errors or omitted inspection, if any. We make efforts to contain non-compliant parts by finding problems in the upstream.

8.Final shipping assurance inspection

  • ■Responsible Department: Shipping Inspection
    We perform precision sample inspection at the final shipping inspection process. We only ship products that pass the inspection. We take five pieces per order lot as samples and measure them at all the locations according to the drawing specifications. We inspect five pieces at maximum for the areas with especially strict specifications. The inspection result sheet will be delivered to customers with the products. We are TANOI’s employees, however we are aware that we are conducting the shipping inspection for our customers. Being aware of this helps us win customers’ trust.

9.Packing / shipping

  • ■Responsible Department: Packing and Shipping
    We pack and ship our products in a way that prevents any damages or dents. We can also accommodate customer’s requests on the packaging style. We also confirm the attached documents to make sure that nothing is omitted. Our control always has product traceability in mind.

10.Quality assurance

  • ■Responsible Department: Quality Assurance
    We always think of effectiveness of quality assurance system and take action flexibly. Especially, we have been focusing on prevention of problems lately. The possibility of causing a problem is verified and investigated with the person in charge of each process from the process design stage. The risk level of trouble occurrence can be identified in-process to call for attention of the operators. We are collecting information of close calls from every single employee as a part of the activity to strengthen the risk predictive capability so that we can prevent problems from happening.


  • ■Responsible Department: General Affairs
    General Affairs provide environment that employees at the production site can focus on their daily work. We attach a statement of delivery to the products that are shipped out. General Affairs will continue to support you until we receive the payment.