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We have to date focused mainly on manufacturing and distribution of automotive turbo parts. From 2010 we began mass production (120,000 units/month) in Vietnam for Japanese turbo manufacturers. In 2006, we obtained ISO 9001 certification, followed by ISO/TS 16949 in May 2014.
Our facility is now a designated factory for multiple turbo manufacturers in and outside Japan and particularly acclaimed for quality assurance. According to the process capability index, we are rated 4σ on all points except for one rated 3σ. We are committed to further technological innovation as we plan on achieving 4σ on all points within this fiscal period.

Impeller Details

■Production location
The SEEBEST factory in Vietnam with a floor space of 3,000 m2 and capable of a steady supply through mass production
■Production capacity
Maximum of 150,000 per month
■Method of production
Rubber mold casting/solid machining
■Main customers
IHI Turbo (Audi, Lexus, Mercedes Benz etc. for Europe)

Technology, Production Methods, Flow

  • ■Materials: Example - Rubber mold casting solid machining

  • ■Machining: NC Lathe,NC Lathe

  • ■Automatic cleaning

  • ■Flaw detection inspection

  • ■Balance measurement/corrective machining

  • ■Appearance inspection

  • ■Thorough final inspection

  • ■3D measurement

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