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We are the world's first company to machine mass-produced vane nozzles and have played a significant role in global dissemination of diesel turbo engines. Since we have dealt with a very large number of prototypes and mass products, we are able to put together optimal processing lines in a short lead time, for different materials (lost-wax casting, fine blanking/, metal-injection molding) or forms (single/double axis, linear/bowed blade). In the global turbo industry, Tanoi is a widely renowed processing brand.
We launched a Vietnam subsidiary Seebest in 2006, establishing a mass production system and acquiring cost competitiveness. By positioning overseas facilities as production centers, we have allowed our Japanese plants to specialize in technical development and enabled the company to pursue further technological innovation.

Vane Nozzle Details

■Production location
The SEEBEST factory in Vietnam with a floor space of 3,000 m2 and capable of a steady supply through mass production
■Production capacity
Maximum of 125,000 per month
■Method of production
MIM, Lost Wax, Precision Forging
■MIM, Lost Wax, Precision Forging
■Main customers
IHI Turbo (Audi, Lexus, Mercedes Benz etc. for Europe)

Technology, Production Methods, Flow

  • ■Materials MIM
        Lost Wax, Precision Forging (Fine blanking manufacturing method)

  • ■Machining NC lathe (long axis machining)

  • NC lathe (short axis machining)

  • MC (machined surface)

  • MC (2 machined surfaces)

  • Barrel polishing

  • ■Pionite treatment (carbon solid-solution diffusion treatment)
    ■Chromizing treatment (chromium diffusion permeation treatment)

  • ■Dimensional inspection

  • ■Appearance inspection

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